Avalon History Center Photography Contest

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Avalon History Center Photography Contest

Avalon Historical Society at
The Avalon History Center
Annual Photography Contest
May 1st – 31st 2017

Categories Include:
Portrait and Personality-A photograph that captures an aspect of the subject’s
character. Can be 1 person, 2 people, or 1 animal.

Nature - The Physical World including all natural phenomena and living things.

Scenic - Of or relating to landscapes, seascapes, vistas, or the natural world.

Avalon - Places & People that make Avalon special.

Children’s-This under 12 category encourages children to explore their imaginations.

The entrance fee is $10.00

Contestants may enter up to four (4) photographs per entrance fee. They may be all
in one category or divided per the photographer’s discretion.

Subjects may be black and white or color.

Sizes may be 5” x 7”, 8” x 10”, or 8” x 12”.

No frames or glass presentation. Entries must be matted or mounted and ready to display.

Back of photo must have an arrow pointing to the top of the photo.

An attached 3 x 5 card to the back of each photo containing;
1. A brief description of the photo and location.
2. The category it falls into.
3. Your name, address, and telephone number.
4. A duplicate card must be made and presented at the History Center upon

Contestants must be non-professionals in the field of photography.

Non-adherence to any or all rules can and will result in entry disqualification.

All entries must be submitted to the History Center by 2 o’clock on May 31st 2017.

Winners will be announced in early June. Entries will be displayed at the History Center through June.

Contact Rose Marie Chew at 609-967-3853 or the Avalon History Center 609-967-0090 for any further questions.

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